In its Article 90, Section k) the Constitution of the Republic grants the Council of State the authority to award decorations and honorary titles.   On 28 June 1978 the National Assembly of the People’s Power approved Law N° 17 which establishes the general regulations of the System of Decorations and Honorary Titles of the Republic of Cuba, as well as its regulations and Statutes.

Decree-Law N° 30 of the Council of State of 10 December 1979 determined Honarary titles, Orders, Medals and Distinctions making up the System of Decorations and Honorary Titles, including others at a later time.

The System of Decorations is structured along the lines of a hierarchy which, in descending order, is as follows:

  • Honorary Titles 2
  • Orders 22
  • Medals 49
  • Distinctions 35

We include an annex that summarizes the Statutes on the awarding of honorary titles and orders, along with a synthesis of the requirements established in the regulations for the awarding of medals.

Títulos Honoríficos